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With the approval of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the fourth environmental protection supervision group of the Central Committee recently entered Jiangxi Province to carry out environmental protection supervision "looking back". On June 1, the fourth environmental protection supervision group of the Central Committee held a mobilization meeting in Nanchang to carry out the "look back" work in Jiangxi Province. Ma Zhongping, leader of the supervision group, and Liu Hua, deputy group leader, made speeches on how to do a good job of "looking back". Liu Qi, Secretary of Jiangxi provincial Party committee and governor of Jiangxi Province, made a mobilization speech. The meeting was presided over by Li Bingjun, deputy secretary of Jiangxi provincial Party committee.      
In order to further transmit pressure, compact responsibilities and solve problems, the Party Central Committee and the State Council decided to carry out a "look back" on the rectification of the first round of central environmental protection supervision, and around the key areas of pollution prevention and control, the Party Central Committee and the State Council simultaneously arranged special environmental protection inspectors. The general idea of "looking back" this time is: comprehensively implement the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, firmly establish the "Four Consciousness" under the guidance of the ecological civilization thought, adhere to the problem orientation, dare to act against the real, deal with both the symptoms and the symptoms, and comply with the regulations according to the law, pay close attention to the feedback from the first round of environmental protection supervision of the central government, and strengthen health In order to protect the environment, the party and the government have the same responsibility and have two responsibilities in one post. We will never let go if we fail to achieve the goal. At the same time, through the special supervision of environmental protection in key areas, we will further tighten the screws and strengthen the deterrence, so as to provide strong support for the fight against pollution prevention and control.
the main responsible persons of the Party committee and relevant government departments related to ecological and environmental protection work, the principal persons in charge of the Provincial Higher People's court and the provincial people's Procuratorate, and the main leaders of the party and government of Nanchang city The leading members and other leading members of the leading group attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates. The main leading members of the party and government of other cities and counties directly under the jurisdiction of other cities and other leading members of the group, as well as the main
Other complaint reporting issues that do not fall within the scope of acceptance will be h